Downloadable worksheets
+ the SmartyScanner App
= A magical learning experience

SmartyFox provides engaging, interactive and compelling learning experiences for children from Pre K – Grade 7. With hundreds of printable worksheets, books, board games and papercrafts ready for download, SmartyFox is the ultimate resource for teachers and parents. Paring the downloadable sheets with SmartyScanner, brings the pages to life.

How It Works

1. Simply download the SmartyScanner App.
2. Download and print any of the SmartyFox resources.
3. Locate the QR code on the resource and use the app to scan away to
reveal solutions, fun facts, learning hints and interactive experiences!

Featured Resources

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SmartyFox for Schools

SmartyFox provides access to thousands of fun educational materials including books, activity sheets and printable board games that can be freely printed and distributed to students. The books on the platform are a great classroom addition, as well as the educational games which are a fun way for students to learn.

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