Scannable Board Games

Educational games ready for printing. Scanning the codes bring an added
dimension of fun!


2-6 Players | Age 10+

STEP 1 - Download and Print the Board Game
STEP 2 - Download Smarty Scanner
OPTIONAL - Download Playing Tokens

You are journeying through Africa on a wildlife safari. It is the experience of a lifetime and you learn about African mammals, reptiles, fish and birds along the way. The aim of the game is to answer animal trivia correctly to move around the board. Before rolling players must scan a code that colour matches the section of the board they are on. Correct answers allow players to roll and proceed. Incorrect answers mean the player cannot roll and must scan again on their next turn. Reach the end first to win the game. This game comes with an animal information guide. For a more challenging experience the guide can be reviewed by players prior to playing and then restricted whilst playing. For a simpler version of the game the guide can be used as a reference throughout game play. A fun and educational game to play with family and friends.

Sherlock Junior

2-4 Players | Age 7+

Coming Soon

Sherlock Junior is the son of the famed detective Sherlock Holmes and nephew of John Watson and as such he has a penchant for sleuthing. He is managing the Sherlock Holmes Detective Agency while is uncle and father are off doing some detective work abroad. You are a budding, new private detective in the Sherlock Holmes Detective Agency. You have been tasked with helping Sherlock Jnr and other junior detectives crack the cases that are baffling the police of New York. The aim of the game is to catch the criminal before your rivals catch theirs. Each player is assigned to a different case and they must collect clues to find out who their criminal is. After collecting all clues the players are allowed to guess who the culprit is. Reach the end and figure out who your criminal is first to win the game.

Pirate Island

2-6 Players | Age 5+

Coming Soon

Captain Jolly is taking you and other pirates along on an expedition to Pirate Island. According to legend, treasure was hidden on the island many years ago by the sole survivor of a capsizing ship. The survivor later met with misfortune and so the treasure remained on the island. Captain Jolly will find the island but needs your help to find the hidden treasure! The aim of the game is to collect the highest value of treasure. Players travel around the board and use the app to scan the codes as they land on them. Each scan will reveal your fate, trick or treasure! Each treasure item has an associated playing card which states the treasures value. The app will indicate when all treasure has been collected and at that point the player with the highest total value of treasure wins the game! A simple game that is loads of fun for players of all ages. A great game to play with family and friends!