SmartyFox for Schools

SmartyFox provides access to thousands of fun educational materials including books, activity sheets and printable board games that can be freely printed and distributed to students. The books on the platform are a great classroom addition, as well as the educational games which are a fun way for students to learn.

Teachers can print out the SmartyFox worksheets for their classroom. Students enjoy filling in the answers on the interactive worksheets and then scanning the QR code which is located on the bottom left hand side of each sheet.

Students enjoy seeing the answers revealed on their smart device. Students are able to scan the same QR code again and enjoy fun facts, jokes and riddles. SmartyFox interactive sheets and printable games can be played individually or in small groups to promote collaborative learning. SmartyFox is a great way to make traditional printed material fun and interactive.

With the Smarty Scanner app students are able to scan the downloaded books, activity sheets and printable board games to access fun and interactive educational features. When students scan the activity sheets, they receive answers to quiz questions, access to multimedia and other fun learning features depending on the sheet they download. The app is provided free of cost.

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